Free Screenwriting & TV Writing Workshop Seeking Members (On Hiatus)

Please Note: We are on indefinite hiatus. If/when we resume meeting, the information below will apply again. Meanwhile, please seek out another workshop; or start your own, which is a lot of work but can also be very fulfilling.

If you're a screenwriter, TV writer, or web series writer with a professional attitude in the New York City area, please consider joining our NYScreenwriters group, which meets on a Monday evening every two weeks in midtown Manhattan.

We're dedicated writers who get together to hear our script pages performed and critiqued. We greatly enjoy each other's company and making each other laugh, but our goals are serious—we're aiming to create movies and shows excellent enough to sell. Our diverse membership includes working screenwriters, TV writers, directors, producers, playwrights, theatre reviewers, professional script readers, book authors, journalists, and comedians. However, we're all talented script writers with a thorough grounding in the fundamentals (premise, instigating incident, three-act structure, arc/transformation, etc.) and a very strong understanding of storytelling.

We're always looking to add more sharp, friendly NYC writers who welcome the opportunity to receive different perspectives and thoughtful criticism about their screenplay pages. Membership is entirely free, but every applicant must submit a strong writing sample.

Therefore, if you think we might be helpful to you and vice versa, please email us a feature screenplay or original TV pilot script that represents your best work. (If you're hesitant to send an entire script, you can alternatively email us the first 40 pages or so, which is the minimum we need to get a sense of how you're handling structure.) Please transmit your pages in PDF/Acrobat, Final Draft, MS Word, or plain text format to along with a description of your writing background, your name, and a phone number.

Before you send your screenplay to anyone, by the way, you should register it with the Writers Guild of America East, for $25, via Web site  It takes only a few minutes and is well worth the peace of mind.

Please know up front that we're pretty tough on writing samples (albeit with no judgments on inner talent or future potential), so we reluctantly pass on a number of applicants. That said, if you feel you'd benefit from meeting with fellow screenwriters to have your pages read aloud and critiqued, to perform cold readings and provide comments for others, and to trade general information & insights about the movie business, we'd love to hear from you.

Alternatively, if you're a performer: We invite four actors (two male, two female) every session to participate in the workshop's cold readings. We've found this process generates a wonderful energy for everyone in the workshop, and has also led to collaborations outside of the group. Slots are limited and competitive; but if you have solid film, TV and/or theatre acting experience, and you'd enjoy performing on the spot from script pages just handed to you, we'd love to receive your headshot, resume, phone number, and any other pertinent info at email address We can't reply to all messages, but we carefully examine, and genuinely appreciate, every email received.

Again, if you're a writer, please send at least the first act of your feature or your original TV pilot, along with your phone number, to; and if you're an actor, please send your headshot, resume, and phone number to If you feel you match our criteria, we'd love to hear from you.